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Ten-time recipient of the Enterprise 50 Award.

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Marine Services

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Snippets of Information

  • Wee Tiong: Founded in 1993

  • USD 400 million

    Revenue Generated Annually

  • 10 times awarded

    Enterprise 50 Award

  • Part of RSA London

    As of year 2003

Our History

Established by our founder Mr Tan Siong Kern in the 1970s, as a sole proprietor, the company had come a long way to becoming a Private Limited Company, and to have a group of companies to expand the company from its humble beginnings to one spanning across 3 countries and more than 10 companies within the group.

Our rice is mainly from Thailand and Vietnam, and we have successfully built up household brands such as Golden Royal Jewel in Singapore, where our products can be found in most major supermarkets and provision shops. While local sales make up 7 per cent of our total sales, the majority of our business revenues are generated from overseas sales in Indonesia, The Philippines, and Malaysia, amongst others.

In 2016, our company had made a step change, to expand the business to include Marine Fuels trading as part of its core business. To support the growth, the company had also purchased a fleet of 17 pristine top quality Japan built oil tankers to support our trading and chartering activities.